About Us

Adjuster Housing finds temporary homes for first responders who are deployed to disaster areas after storms, floods, fires, and other crises.

In the aftermath of 2017's hurricanes Harvey and Irma, cities like Atlanta, where catastrophe management hubs are located, immediately filed with evacuees. Thousands of rescue and medical workers, volunteers, insurance adjusters, and others who came to help had extreme difficulty just finding a place to stay. We heard stories of people sleeping in their cars because the hotels were full.

Sometimes, the need is acute and dramatic, yet some level of need is always there. Many first responders are contract workers who cannot control when or where they will be deployed, and most of them are responsible for finding and paying for their own housing.

That's where I come in. I was working as a claims adjuster in Atlanta a few years ago when the idea for AdjusterHousing was born. In order not to pay $2,200 a month in rent, I was commuting over an hour to work, and the room I was renting for $350 a month had a mattress and box spring lying on the floor—no other furnishings, not so much as a TV. Even so, that place was "home" to me—not just housing. Why? Because I fell in love with the family I boarded with; they really "adopted" me, made me feel at home.

That family and that little room inspired me. In March 2016, I took a leap of faith and bought my first house near Atlanta, with the idea to live in it and rent the extra rooms to other adjusters I knew. I wanted to provide my colleagues with the hospitable environment that had so refreshed me—but with a little more attention to the furnishing! It didn't take long for the idea to catch on. In days, every room in my house was filled.

We are pioneering a new housing concept, setting up homes—real, furnished, lived-in homes—where catastrophe workers can rent a private room and have access to fully-stocked kitchen and laundry facilities, living rooms, dining rooms, parking, etc. What's more, we reach out to homeowners in areas of high seasonal demand, inviting them to join with us and rent their spare bedroom or empty mother-in-law suite. This helps families make extra money, and it gives our first responders a real home-away-from home, the chance to feel safe when they sleep and when they leave their belongings during the day—no more extended-stay hotels, no more bad leases.

We believe our catastrophe workers are heroes. They leave their families and homes behind to come wherever the need is greatest. They deserve better than an extended-stay hotel: they deserve a home. Our mission is to make their lives better so that they can focus on what they do best—making our lives better when we need them most!


A look inside a Adjuster Housing environment

We don't provide housing: we provide homes.

Imagine stepping into your AdjusterHousing home for the very first time. Even before you unpack your suitcase, you can walk into the kitchen and make yourself coffee if you want to—because everything is there, set up, waiting for you. Coffeepot, mugs, filters, grounds, scoop, sugar, creamer. Cinnamon, for goodness' sake. There's a dining table and chairs. There's a comfy sofa in the living room; a TV. The walls are decorated. There are wine glasses in the kitchen, dish soap by the sink, a hand towel. This is not a hotel: it is a home. You are home.

Imagine knowing, before you meet one person, that you will feel safe with your housemates, and that you will have a profession and a passion in common with them. Imagine not having to explain to housemates why you'd really appreciate quiet at night, or to your landlord why you don't know how long you'll be staying.

Imagine, as a homeowner, being able to pay off your mortgage faster, or your kids' college debt, by renting out your spare room or garage apartment to a person who has been background-checked, whose profession you know and respect. A person you know is doing good in your community.


Our three-fold mission

1. We help insurance adjusters, catastrophe workers, and other traveling professionals find safe, convenient, comfortable, affordable housing, so that they will have a true "home away from home" wherever they are deployed, and for however long they are deployed there.

2. We help insurance adjusters and other catastrophe workers use their related businesses, skills, and knowledge of the trade to develop a nationwide network that can help all members.

3. We recruit and teach regular homeowners how to meet the unique needs of the catastrophe workers in their communities. We believe this is a business transaction that is a win on all sides. It's good for homeowners, good for catastrophe workers, and good for the communities they serve.

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