Member Benefits

Are you a catastrophic claims adjuster, a nurse, a firefighter, a first responder deployed to disaster areas? This website was designed for YOU. We are here to help you find safe, affordable lodging with all the amenities you need—furnishings, laundry facilities, kitchen, wifi.

Because our members are catastrophe workers whose employment is unpredictable, we rent on a week-to-week basis—no long-term leases. If your job ends sooner than expected, you can leave with no penalty, with only a 72-hour notice.

What's more, we are a FREE SERVICE to our members. We make our money by charging the homeowners who advertise with us a small percentage of their rents—so it costs you NOTHING to sign up and use our database. Use our search tool to look for shared housing wherever you are deployed. You only pay when you rent.

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What's unique about our housing

We don't provide housing; we provide homes.

Our houses and apartments are fully-furnished, with fully-stocked kitchen and laundry facilities. We rent out individual rooms, with kitchen, etc., as common spaces, and bathrooms may be shared or private.

We court a specific market of travelling professionals, mostly catastrophe workers. This means that when you stay with us, your housemates will be people like you, people who face similar challenges in their daily work (and who are similarly enthusiastic about quiet and restfulness at night!)--people you feel safe living with.

In addition to the homes we directly manage, we reach out to homeowners in select locations, inviting them to rent out their spare rooms or garage apartments with us.

Our landlords know that your line of work comes with specific challenges, and we equip them to cater to your needs. If your plans change, you can leave with a 72-hour notice, penalty-free.

We want to help take housing stress away so you can focus on doing what you do best—putting people back on their feet in times of crisis.

Features of our homes

You get a private room, a private or shared bathroom, and access to other parts of the house such as kitchen, laundry facilities, etc.

Everything is furnished! Bring your own sheets, towels, and shampoo. We've got the rest. Want to cook a real meal? Bring your own groceries—we've got the pots and pans. And the salt!

Deployment ending earlier than expected? Just don't love the place? No lease, no problem. Leave penalty-free with only a 72-hour notice.

Competitive prices. You will find us not just more convenient, but more affordable than a hotel.

Benefits of joining Adjuster Housing

Our first function is as a housing database structured to the needs of traveling catastrophe professionals. The houses we manage, and the private homes that advertise with us, are selected because of their proximity to locations where catastrophe workers are deployed / operate.

We enable networking among catastrophe workers, through blog, message board, social media, and our signature shared housing!--so people like you can share helpful tips for living and getting around in a new place.

In the near future, we hope to offer

Job board

Financial and credit-repair counseling

Through talking with others in the catastrophe industry, we are constantly getting more ideas to make your lives easier.

Let's get started as a member, and stay tuned for more exciting developments!